May 2, 2019: The Ministry of Environment of Ukraine released draft decision of the Government of Ukraine on the National Strategy for Management of Invasive Alien Species of Flora and Fauna till 2030. 

The draft envisages adoption of a strategy to prevent introduction, combat, control and mitigate negative impact of invasive alien species on natural ecosystems, economy and human health. The strategy implementation plans comprises two periods, as well as development of a national and local action plans. 

The policy proposal, accompanying the draft, indicates that all Ukraine’s territory is currently affected, to some extent, by the impact of invasive alien species. This poses a serious problem for social, economic and environmental interests, including trade, health protection, agriculture and water management.

The EU enacted a Regulation 1143/2014 on this issue and, accordingly, keeps a list of Invasive Species of Union Concern. Development of such list is also part of the proposed strategy in Ukraine.