Environment 3D — relevant and timely analysis for meaningful changes in society


Environment and human being are in the focus of state policy


capacity to use our knowledge and skills in a team to achieve a result, while constantly developing and building them

to hear different ideas, politely present ideas inside and outside organization

ability to go beyond frames in work

endurance in believes and values

we are transparent, accountable and responsible in our work



Our three working programs are:

- European Integration Processes;
- Human Rights and Environment;
- Social and Labor Challenges.


Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment” is a think-tank non-profit organization focusing on environmental policy and law research, capacity building and implementation of innovative initiatives in Ukraine and regionally (Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia). The Center was founded in 2006.

We see independent research, assessment and study as our key methods that produce ground for changes through identification of a problem and its solutions. We see capacity-building of environmental NGOs as an important requisite for building civil society through enabling NGOs to pursue their missions. Providing them with relevant information, skills and knowledge is important to us. Through implementation of innovative projects we strive to promote introduction of best innovative experience and ideas.