On June 13, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved 2018 Annual Plan of Measures for implementation of the National Emissions Reduction Plan for Large Combustion Plants (NERP).

NERP, adopted on November 8, 2017, covers 16-years period and includes a list of specific environmental actions to endure gradual reduction of the emissions. 90 large combustion plants, out of 223 total operating in Ukraine, voluntary joined the NERP.

The 2018 Annual Plan of Measures includes a number of measures mainly aimed at creating the basis for effective implementation of NERP, in particular:
  1. Work with operators for further practical implementation of NERP. Main needs for reconstruction, modernization and technical upgrade of large combustion plants were supposed to be jointly identifies this spring, while key priorities set for such projects by the end of this summer.
  2. Ensuring financial capacity. By the end of August the Government plans to finalize the portfolio of main sources and financial instruments for NERP implementation.
  3. Institutional and organizational capacity. During the autumn a number of draft legal acts should be developed to set up Organizational Committee for Implementation of NERP, as well as draft plan of measures for 2019-2033 for reconstruction, modernization and technical upgrade of installations included into NERP.
  4. Development of financial and technical framework for the functioning of the monitoring, verification and control system for emissions from large plants.