At its website, the Ministry of Environment started public consultations over draft National Waste Management Plan till 2030. The document is to be adopted by a regulation of the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine.

The National Waste Management Plan was developed to implement National Waste Management Strategy till 2030, adopted last year. The draft includes a number of measures and tasks regarding main types of waste (municipal, hazardous, construction, agricultural, industrial, packaging, electronic wastes, etc.). In most cases, specific laws are to be developed to manage specific type of wastes.  

In addition, the draft proposes a number of general priorities and measures. These include development of a framework law on wastes and setting up a special central governmental body for waste management and a unified center to implement international agreements in the area of waste management. They also include a separate priority for increasing citizens awareness on the issues related to waste management.

The consultations will continue till September 23, 2018.