The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will finally enter into force on Sept 1, 2017, after a lengthy and full of complexities ratification process by the EU member states. Provisional application of the agreement encompassed just a part of environmental provisions. For this reason the implementation focus for Ukraine lied within approximating its legislation to norms and standards of the EU environmental acquis.

Autumn gives hopes for a deeper and comprehensive implementation of various provisions relating to the environment: development of strategies, cooperation with the EU in environmental protection area, planning disasters response, climate change policy. Currently, the updating process of the Environmental Protection Strategy in Ukraine remains unclear, climate change related provisions of the Annex XXXI to the Association Agreement require a new look in light of the Paris Agreement adopted last year. Govern-mental Action Plan for Implementation of the Association Agreement requires update to include con-crete steps on implementing those provisions of the Association Agreement, which enter into force in September.