Government Office for European Integration has published the latest Report of Implementation of the Association Agenda and the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine (January – May 2016). According to the Report, signature of the Paris Agreement and ratification of the Kyiv Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers established under the UNECE Aarhus Convention are among the achievements in the environmental sector. Therewith, the aforesaid documents have no direct relation to the obligations imposed on Ukraine under the Agreement. Unfortunately, the plans on implementation of certain EU environmental directives and regulations, which the Cabinet of Ministers approved last year, are still just plans. Adoption of EIA, SEA and river basin laws again appears in the traditional Major Further Activities Planned Section of the Report. And only time will tell whether the change of management of the Ministry of Ecology and approval of Priority Action Plan of the Government for 2016 have influence on implementation of environmental component of the Association Agreement.