On July 14 the Parliament ratified Paris Climate Agreement. This is widely covered in media these days. At the same time, Kyoto Protocol compliance committee adopted its preliminary findings alleging non-compliance by Ukraine with Kyoto Protocol provisions. One of the problems – disconnection of national emissions registry – the Ministry of Environment solved quickly. The final decision by compliance committee was scheduled for its September meeting.

The public kept eye on the development of the National Emissions Reduction Plan for Plants of Mining & Metal Production Sector. This initiative was announced in summer for the implementation of the Industrial Pollution Directive 2010/75/EU. At first glance the initiative look promising, as mining and metal production sector are preparing for new environmental requirements. Yet, it is unclear how this plan would be coordinated with already developed (and discussed with the public) National Emissions Reduction Plans from Large Combustion Plants: the government promises to approve it by 2015 remained just promises.