The Government Office for European Integration published the draft Action plan for the implementation of Title V (Economic and Sector Co-operation) of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement for 2016-2019 in specific areas of cooperation, in particular environmental protection. The Office invites the public to discuss the proposed actions. Provided they do consider effective proposals, this discussion may improve the quality of the document and add most relevant objectives in it.

As for the adaptation to EU environmental law, the key objective, without doubt, must be timely and accurate compliance with the approved implementation plans for specific directives and regulations. As for the other issues included in the Environment chapter, there is still much work to be done, as provisions of the Agreement itself are rather too much general and provide sufficient discretion in planning particular actions. However, such actions are no less important and need covering those key issues that are now beyond the adaptation process.

The key problem here is not at all inclusion of specific actions in the plan. It is proper execution of the plan that is a major concern. The first step to be made should be the introduction of the so-called performance indicators to facilitate monitoring of the implementation process. Identifying clear and measurable indicators requires the same degree of seriousness as progress reporting and assessment. The latter should be based on the analysis of particular factors that influence the implementation