The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine started public consultations on the draft of the Mid-term Plan of the Priority Actions of the Government till 2020. In addition, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine invites the public to participate in the draft plan discussion, which will take place on January 18, 2017.

This important document sets strategic objectives and priority actions in the relevant fields and agenda of the Government till 2020, including in the field of environmental protection. The document, inter alia, says “The goal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is to ensure increasing the citizens life quality as a result of sustainable economic development”. The draft document provides for 5 objectives, including economic development, good governance, development of human capital assets, rule of law and fight against corruption, defence and protection. There are priority actions in the environmental field within two objectives:  good governance (new climate policy, nature conservation, good environmental governance, sustainable use of water resources), and defence and safety (effective and safe waste management). It’s not clear why the environmental protection is not a separate objective, taking into account the high priority of environmental problems. The good governance objective may have included only good environmental governance, but not specific sectoral issues. The envisaged priority actions in the field of environmental protection don’t take into account the need of timely implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and obligations within the Energy Community.