This was agreed during a visit by P.Filip, Prime-Minister of Moldova, to Kyiv on February 13, 2017. During the visit the countries signed a Roadmap on Ukraine-Moldova Cooperation Development for 2017.

Negotiations between the President of Ukraine and Moldova’s Prime-Minister led to a deal on joint commission and “resolute steps” to solve environmental problems of Dnister river. Joint commission will be set up with involvement of the European Commission to “draw efforts and financial aid, as well as to ensure transparency of the process”. Ukraine’s President said that joint efforts are needed to overcome environmental challenges and to ensure energy independency of Ukraine and Moldova.

O.Semerak, the Minister of Environment of Ukraine, confirmed the commission will be set up at the level of ministries of environment and energy from both countries, and will look into water flow regulation and general state of Dnister river. A key issue is development of hydroenergy projects by Ukraine on Dnister river. At the same time, Ukraine also expressed concern over Dnister pollution by outdated sewage water treatment facilities at Soroky (Moldova) and industrial pollution of Kyrpyzh-Kytai river in Moldova. 

Therefore, energy and environment will be considered as interconnected issues. It is unclear how wide will be the mandate of the commission and whether EU intends to participate.