In October the Ministry of Environment announced the preliminary public consultations on the preparation of the draft National Strategy on Waste Management. The start of this process shows two important mainstreams of the future reforming of the environmental protection system, namely the important role of the strategic planning and consultations on program documents.

As announced, the preparation of the National Strategy on Waste Management is envisaged by the Action Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Priority Action Plan of the Government for 2016, and Plans to Implement the Directives 1999/31/EU, 2006/21/EU, 2008/98/EU. Yet none of the above mentioned documents requires development of a strategic paper to frame waste management. Thus the initiative to draft National Strategy on Waste Management is a step forward and beyond initial government’s plans. 

The initiative includes a public consultations process which features: (1) different time frames for public consultations at different stages of strategy development; (2) diversified consultation subject (consultations include setting up 6 thematic working groups); (3) diversified stakeholders group interests (the working groups should include representatives of various stakeholders).

We hope the proposed approach will set a model for development of best practices in environmental decision making process.