Environmental protection is a part of various social and political activities, in particular the church. In recent years Ukraine demonstrates a growing role of the church in protecting the environment and raising environmental awareness of a person, responsible for environment as a God’s creature. This trend can be tracked by theoretical research papers by the church, special bodies established within churches (such as Environmental Bureau of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church), implementation of eco-initiatives in the field, including in cooperation with public authorities, local communities, academia, etc.

2017 confirms these trends. Churches raised voice against grass burning, destroying and trade of primroses, use of plastic flowers at cemeteries. On March 11, 2017, Ostap Semerak (Minister of Environment), Yevgen Nishchuk (Minister of Culture) and His Beatitude Sviatoslav started a national campaign “Sprouts of Unity”. 

In addition, public opinion surveys by KIIS, INPOLIT, Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation point to the church as one of the institutions most trusted by Ukrainians. For this reason, environmental initiatives by the church will have significant positive impact for the environment, in some cases – determinative impact.