On Feb 21, 2018, the Government of Ukraine created five district environmental inspections (capital, Carpathian, Central, Polissya, and Crimean – Black Sea districts). At the same time, original 12 local inspectorates were closed down. O.Semerak, the Minister of Environment of Ukraine, explained that districts were formed on the basis environmental resources and technogenic criteria. 

Together with closing down 12 local offices of environmental inspectorates, the Government amended staff plan for inspectorate’s central and local offices. As a result, central office staff was increased with 22 additional job positions, which respectively cut total local offices staff. If this change is related to the reforming of environmental inspectorate system, it means weakening of the local offices role. It may also imply that certain functions of local offices (such as control over big polluters) will be transferred to central office. 

In general, this is a pilot reform taking place under overall concept for creating state environmental protection service. Such service is envisaged to merge a number of other bodies currently performing environmental control functions. A total of 10 district inspectorates are planned, together with 27 regional inspection offices.