A new draft law (No. 8026 of Feb 9, 2018) aimed at introduction European practice of environmental control was registered in the Parliament. It’s adoption may help to create an effective mechanism for dealing with environmental law violations and remedial actions.

The draft law was developed by the Ministry of Environment in line with the Concept for Reforming State Control System in the Field of Environmental Protection. In essence, it proposes a serious revision of the Ukraine’s legislation on administrative wrongs, proposing amendments to over 50 provisions setting liability for environmental wrongs. These amendments include increased amount of fines, as well as definitions of new wrongs in the areas of water and air protection. As the O.Semerak, Ukraine’s minister for environment, notes, some fines will increase by dozens, hundreds and even thousands times.  For example, fine for placing wastes in the forests is proposed to be €150-250 for individuals and €250-500 for public servants. 

So called public environmental inspectors are supposed to get much wider functions. In particular, they will be able to issue official reports for forest contamination with wastes, illegal logging, soil pollution, poaching, protected areas regime violations, cutting vegetation in settlements, etc. This looks to be reasonable in light of decentralization process in Ukraine.