On Sep 7, 2017, the Government made public the text of the new Energy Strategy, approved back on August 18 this year.

“Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the Period till 2035 “Security, Energy Efficiency, Competitiveness” is a document that sets key directions for the development of fuel and energy sectors of Ukraine till 2035. The strategy aims to solve energy security problems in the conditions of urgent necessity to ensure state sovereignty against external aggression with the use of modern weapons (including information and hybrid warfare methods), as well as non-military impacts.

The strategy has a well-defined environmental component, mostly related to obligations under Energy Community and climate change issues. Each of the three implementation stages provided by the strategy includes tasks and measures related to environmental issues and increase of renewable energy sources share. In particular, final target for GHG emissions is set at 50% (to 1990 levels). A priority seems to be given to measures on development and implementation (financing) of the National Emissions Reduction Plan for large combustion plants. 

Lastly, the text adopted, unlike previous drafts of the strategy, does not include references to specific projects or installations to be built. This may excuse the failure to carry out strategic environmental assessment, though SEA would certainly have contributed to the quality of the strategy.