On Sep 12, 2017, Ostap Semerak, Ukraine’s Minister of Environment, presented draft new environmental strategy for Ukraine.

New strategy till 2030 reflects key challenges regarding the state of the environment, EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and sustainable development concept. The strategy sets five objectives: (1) building society of environmental values, sustainable consumption and production, (2) ensuring sustainable development of the national resources of Ukraine, (3) ensuring integration of environmental policy into decision-making related to socio-economic development of Ukraine, (4) decreasing environmental risks for ecosystems and human health to socially acceptable level, (5) improvement and development of state environmental management system.

The strategy includes 35 indicators for assessing implementation of the new policy. Each indicator serves both a monitoring and target-setting role.  In his presentation the Мinister first mentioned Yale’s Environmental Performance Index, a clear indication that Ukraine wishes and is ready to participate in global processes to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development. 

The draft is available for public consultations at Ministry of Environment’s web-page till October 4, 2017.