On April 19, 2017, the Government approved new regulation on State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine (the replaced regulation was approved by the President of Ukraine and seems to be still in force). 

Recently Ostap Semerak, the Minister of Environment of Ukraine, has made several statements about the plans to reform state environmental inspection. Yet, those reforms are not reflected in the new regulation. New regulation aims only at implementing new legislation in this area. 

At the same time some novelties are present already. Changes include: restriction or suspension of business activity is now possible only by a court decision, while environmental inspectorate is entrusted to file such lawsuits (accordingly, the inspection can no longer seal premises or take decisions lifting suspension); territorial bodies of the inspection will not be necessarily present in every oblast (region) (this is in line with announced earlier district approach); new procedure for appointing head of the inspectorate. 

Thus, announced reform was not reflected in the new regulation but is still on the agenda. The public awaits adoption of the concept for creating a new state environmental protection service.