Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment” launches a new project “Promoting European Reforms in the Field of Environment and Climate Change in Ukraine” with the support of the European Union and International Renaissance Foundation in the framework of “Civil Synergy” project. Our new project foresees regular review of the news and trends of the EU environmental policy and law making, information support in the implementation of the Association Agreement and strengthening a dialogue on relevant issues of environmental and climate policy and law, as well as policy analysis in these areas. All products will be made public through our Facebook page and website 

To bring you all relevant news about EU environmental and climate change policy and law we will offer periodic reviews. The first issue is coming in June, but you can joint recipients list right now by sending “receive EUpdates” message to (the reviews are available in Ukrainian).

Implementation of the obligations under EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is one of the main drivers of the environmental reforms in Ukraine. This task requires better understanding of the ongoing processes in the EU by public authorities, civil society and other stakeholders. Ukraine can be more effective in implementing the Association Agreement, with better understanding of the need for implementation and public support, if everyone concerned is aware of the EU agenda in environmental protection and climate change areas. Our periodic review aims at raising the awareness and strengthening the dialogue among stakeholders with an objective to support environmental reforms in Ukraine.