The Ministry of Environment of Ukraine made public a draft law, which sets new legal framework for production, export, placing on the market and management of ozone depleting substances, fluorinated greenhouse gases and goods, which contain  or may contain, and which use makes impact on ozone layer and global warming.

The draft proposes to ban, starting Jan 1, 2018, any import and placing on market of goods and equipment, which contain or use ozone depleting substances (subject to exceptions to be set by the Government) and to gradually ban use of controlled substances by January 1, 2021. While the Association Agreement with the EU provides for full ban of hydrochlorofluorocarbons by 2015, the draft proposes to ban them by January 1, 2020 (in line with the Montreal Protocol). Currently their use in Ukraine significantly dropped  from 93 tones in 2013 to 16 tones in 2016 (to meet relevant obligations under the Montreal Protocol).

The draft law also provides for a ban on production of so called controlled substances (ozone depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases), auctions for permits to import such substances, setting up an electronic Register of controlled substances operators.