The Ministry of Energy made public a draft “New Energy Strategy for Ukraine till 2035: security, energy efficiency, and competitiveness” (herein – NES). The draft outlines a roadmap for developing energy industry and mechanisms for achieving specific goals. The draft sets the following strategic goals: efficiency in using fuel and energy resources; achieving energy independence and integration into European energy market; reaching maximum reliability and stability of the system; development of energy markets; environmentally acceptable energy impact on the environment; enhancing management system in energy field.

As a result of NES implementation by 2035 government expects:  decrease in GDP energy intensity by two times; decrease in heat consumption by households by 40%; decrease of import-reliance by 33%; increase of renewable energy share up to 21%. At the same time, some climate change related issues remain unclear, in particular, regarding EU directives targets on air emissions. 

The Ministry of Environment launched its own public discussion of the draft NES. We believe that gathering public environmental views on the draft is a win-win approach: (1) the public will have impact on Ministry of Environment’s arguments and comments, (2) joint advocacy will strengthen the position of the Ministry of Environment during further work on the draft strategy.