On January 17, 2017, the Parliament rejected the law ‘On strategic environmental assessment’, which was vetoed by the President of Ukraine. MPs made several efforts to keep the law as a draft for further work, but the decision lacked several votes.

During the discussion the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Parliament, Mr.Gerasymov, supported the arguments for veto. The Minister of Environment O.Semerak called upon the MPs to keep the law as a draft for further improvements. This was a proposal by relevant parliamentary committee, which held that overcoming President’s veto is not feasible. ‘The committee does not support re-adoption of the law as such, or overcoming the veto, without re-drafting’, said O.Yednak (MP and secretary at the environmental committee). 

As a result, there are no legislative proposals at the Parliament relating to the strategic environmental assessment in Ukraine. Rejection of the law ‘On strategic environmental assessment’ was met by a disappointment among the EU and environmental NGOs, which expected the adoption of the law as part of the Association Agreement implementation.

One more vetoed environmental law, on environmental impact assessment, was not considered by the MPs in January. It will be considered at the next parliamentary session starting in February 2017.