On April 24, 2017, Ostap Semerak, Ukrainian Minister of Environment, presented a roadmap for national emissions trading system in Ukraine.

The goals and benefits of the system presented include attracting investments, removing potential barriers on Ukraine’s export (primarily to the EU), improving energy and carbon intensity of the Ukraine’s economy, access to regional and world emissions trading markets, stimulating capital investments in energy saving technologies. In addition, this process fully complies with Ukraine’s international commitments, in particular the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. 

Setting an emissions trading system will be preceded by development of the monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions system (MRV system). Related draft law will be submitted to the Parliament by the end of 2017, said Mykola Kuzio, vice minister for European integration. At this stage, information on emissions is gathered through National greenhouse gases inventory, which is annually submitted to UN Climate Change Convention secretariat. 

The Concept for Implementation of the State Climate Change Policy till 2030, adopted in December 2016, links setting a national emissions trading system to the adoption of a national strategy on low carbon development.