In early August, 2018, the Ministry of Environment made public its reports for the I and II quarters on implementation of the Association Agreement in environmental area. The format and content of the report is in line with the Plan of Measures to Implement the Association Agreement, adopted in autumn 2017 and published in spring 2018. To remind, the new plan abolished all previous plans of measures, including implementation plans for each specific directive.

Every line in the report has a new column “Progress in implementation of the measure in the reporting period”. This approach to reporting has benefit of facilitating the monitoring of the work done by the Ministry of Environment during the reporting period as regards specific task. On the other hand, lack of indicators in the plan itself often does not allow to estimate where we are in the implementation process. In particular, it is unclear whether deadlines were met or not. For this reason, it could have been useful to indicate whether a specific task was “fully completed”, “at initial stage of implementation” or “at the planning stage”, etc.

When comparing the reports for the 1st and 2nd quarters it becomes apparent that some information is copy-pasted. For example, the Law on SEA was adopted in March 2018, but this information is also presented in the report for the 2nd quarter. For this reason, some methodological clarifications could have been useful to guide readers which information covers specific reporting period.

Publication of such reports is not just a legal requirement, but also a good transparency policy of the Ministry of Environment. The reports serve as a good source of information for the public to monitor, raise awareness and run advocacy campaigns.