The commitment by the EU and Ukraine to develop trade relations in compliance with sustainable development principles was reflected in Chapter 13 “Trade and Sustainable Development”  of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

A meeting of the EU-Ukraine subcommittee on trade and sustainable development was held in Brussels on May 29-30, 2017. Next day civil society forum on sustainable development was held. The agendas of both meetings included important for Ukraine issues: sustainable use of forests (in the context of Ukraine’s export ban for unprocessed wood), implementation of key conventions of the International Labour Organization and multilateral environmental agreements. Civil society forum also addressed animal well-fare. 

Ukraine got its home-work, which needs to be done by the next subcommittee meeting (second quarter of 2018). The tasks include, inter alia, many commitments on reforming forestry, involvement of EU technical support into such reforms, development of an effective and transparent forestry management system, setting clear timeframes for development of 100% coverage electronic forests inventory. The civil society of Ukraine, apart from providing recommendations, needs to create an advisory group on sustainable development (this time only ad-hoc delegation was set up).