Green Energy for Reforms, an association of the members of the parliament, organized a round table “Green agenda for Ukraine till 2030” on March 19, 2019. During the event MPs presented and discussed their vision of mainstreamed, intersectoral development policy aimed at sustainable green development of Ukraine and solving environmental problems. 

Climate change and environmental protection are priority issues for political parties all over the world, said Oleskiy Ryabchyn, an MP representing Batkivshchyna party. In Ukrainian political discourse environmental issues are mentioned without any details what targets are and how we can achieve them, he noticed. 

Proposed green agenda includes 10 priority areas which need to be represented in programs and visions of all political parties. Those areas are: transition to green economy, development of renewable energy, effective waste management, environmental protection, fight against climate change, maximum energy efficiency and energy saving, green cities, sustainable development of rural communities, clean and safe transport, quality of life and life expectancy. 

Yet, shaping the green agenda is just a first step towards prioritizing green issues in Ukraine. Further steps should include advocacy among political parties, raising public awareness (in particular via mass media), control over implementation. All these steps require joint efforts by the parliament, government, public, business and other stakeholders.