On Sep 19, 2018, The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved new Order for state water monitoring (decision No.758), which enters into force on Jan 1, 2019. Key new features of the new water monitoring rules are:

  • The purpose of the monitoring is to ensure information gathering about real state of waters and to take decisions based on the information about use, protection and rehabilitation of water resources;
  • Monitoring objects: surface and ground waters, sea waters within territorial sea and exclusive economic zone of Ukraine;
  • Monitoring subjects – better structure of public authorities, which carry out water monitoring, with general coordination and management by the Ministry of Environment;
  • Monitoring indicators – an updated and wider list of monitoring indicators. Biological, physical-chemical, chemical and hydromorphological indicators applicable to specific monitoring objects are set in Annexes 1-3 to the new Order.
  • Monitoring procedures – four water monitoring procedures are introduced (diagnostic and operational monitoring procedure for surface and ground waters, investigation procedure for surface waters and sea waters monitoring procedure).

Ukraine took an obligation to introduce water status monitoring programs for each river basin under Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive No.2000/60/EU (Annex XXX to the Association Agreement).