On Sep 30, 2018, thousands of Ukrainians joined the march for animals’ rights, which took place in twenty cities across the country. The organizer - UAnimals – is an animals protection initiative promoting humane treatment of animals and advocating a ban on use of animals in entertainment business. Just Kyiv city witnessed 6000 participants in the march.

This year’s march put forward eight specific demands: ban on use of animals in circuses and dolphinaria, ban on fur farms and hunting dogs trainings; ban on use of alive animals   in contact zoos and use of animals for begging and street photo; ban on use of alive animals for experiments; to develop  rehabilitation centers for animals which suffered cruel treatment; setting up zoo police and introducing effective control  and punishment for cruel treatment of animals; ban on use of euthanasia as a tool to regulate for homeless animals; to list near extinct wild animals of Ukraine in the Red Book of Ukraine.

At the same time, FurOFF campaign registered a petition to the Parliament of Ukraine to ban fur production in Ukraine, which already was supported by 27 thousand people (while 25 thousand were needed).