On February 19 2018, the Government Office for European Integration  published the Report of implementation of EU-UA Association Agreement in 2018. According to the report, in 2018 52% of total scheduled euro-integration activities were accomplished, while 22% in the field of environment and civil protection. Comparing 2017 Report, there has been progress in gross rate of agreement implementation (41% was reported in 2017). However, implementation in field of environment is one of the lowest and has declined from 27% in 2017.

Lack of availability of methodology applied in the counting those percentages by the government is one of the key issues in analyzing this document. The report implies that authors equate the Association Agreement with the Action Plan for its implementation. However, realization of the latter is a necessary but not sufficient condition for proper and full implementation of the Association Agreement.

In addition, the figures quoted in the report are ambiguous. For example, one of the environmental achievements in 2018 was the adoption of the Law "On Strategic Environmental Assessment". At the same time, its adoption was not recorded as an asset of the Verkhovna Rada - according to the report, the progress of the implementation of the Agreement by the Parliament is 0%.