The Intersessional Meeting of the Parties to the Espoo Convention took place in Geneva on February 5-7 2019. This special session was assembled to take decisions on compliance with the Convention by some states, including Ukraine.

At the previous Meeting of the Parties in 2017 (Minsk, Belarus), the parties were unable to adopt a key document – a decision on compliance with the Convention – due to differing positions in relation to Belarus and UK cases. According to Ukraine`s proposal, the draft decision was finalized in a new format. A number of separate draft decisions were submitted to the Intersessional Meeting of the Parties in 2019 instead one decision which would address all issues and states. Two of them concern Ukraine: regarding the construction of the Danube-Black Sea canal and the life time extension of the Rivne nuclear power plant units 1 and 2. All decisions were adopted, the one regarding the Channel Danube-Black Sea - with amendments by Ukraine.

The decision on Rivne NPP lifetime extension is not new: it is a continuation of the case where main decision was taken in 2014 upon the complaint by the public organization "Ecoclub" (Rivne). The decision regarding life time extension case of Rivne NPP became important in the pan-European context, and gave start to developing general recommendations for the application of the Espoo Convention to decisions on the extension of the operation lifetime of nuclear power plants.