Our daily habits have significant impact on the environment, so we must be responsible. This is a translated main message of a new communication campaign “Your behaviors have more weight”, implemented by the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Information Policy and an EU project “Association4U”. The campaign aims at supporting Environmental Strategy 2030, in particular its goal 1 “Establishing environmental values and foundations of sustainable consumption and production”.

At the moment three animated videos were developed on water use, waste separation and decreasing consumption of single use plastic. These videos will be demonstrated as social ads on national and regional TV, cinemas, Intercity trains and in the Internet. 

On the one hand, the recommendations the authors give are very simple and do not require significant efforts. On the other hand, a new demand generated by daily habits of citizens will promote more environmental services and infrastructure among the country. We can only support this campaign with a few numbers from our recent public opinion poll. Over 80% of the Ukrainians believe that global environmental disaster cannot be avoided without changing our attitudes towards the environment. Over 52% of Ukrainian citizens admit they are not making enough efforts to protect the environment, while one of the four respondents (25%) believe that environmental awareness is one of the main tools to tackle environmental problems.