As many as 11 public authorities in Ukraine are responsible for environmental monitoring. Most of them are not under the Ministry of Environment. On May 31, 2019, the Ministry of Environment together with Open Society Foundation presented a geoinformation system “Open Environment”. The system allows to access all environmental information in one place. A single platform for environmental information will facilitate citizens’ access to reliable information about the state of the environment. It will also serve as information basis for decision-making in environmental matters. 

The system is now working in a test mode. Currently, it offers three interactive maps: Water, Air and Eco-finance. All information is provided in open data format. Moreover, the portal allows a user to create its own information cluster by selecting data based on criteria of geography, year and pollutants, then creating a diagram and downloading the data in a friendly format.  

The portal has rather ambitious further development plans. In particular, an update of air module, adding new modules on forests, biodiversity, soils. In addition, the developers announced the portal will allow in the future access to data from non-governmental monitoring organization. 

To recall, the Concept for Developing National Automatic Information System provides, among its five key elements, for developing of such information system to bring together environmental data from national and local authorities.