Nature Directives Fitness Check: Lessons for Ukraine. - Policy paper. - Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment” - 2018 - 34 p.

This policy paper discusses the context, methodology and outcomes of the nature directives fitness check carried out by the European Commission in the context of deregulation. Fitness check is one of the instruments of policy assessment used by the European Union to retrospectively assess environmental policy and legislation. The paper offers recommendations for implementation of the Birds and Habitats directives in Ukraine. Available in Ukrainian only.

This policy paper was developed under a project “Supporting European reforms in environmental and climate change areas in Ukraine” with financial support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within a project “Civil Synergy”( http:// The content of this paper is sole responsibility of the Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment” and Expert Advisory Center “Legal Analytics” and does not reflect the views of the European Union and/or International Renaissance Foundation.

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