Climate policy and civil society: The future of the Eastern Partnership countries in the context of the European Green Deal. – Authors: Andrusevych A., Andrusevych N., Kozak Z., Romanko S. – Policy paper. – December 2020. 60 p.

An objective of the research was to assess the role of civil society in the climate action in Eastern Partnership countries, to identify a possible EGD impact on climate policy within Eastern Partnership and in the Eastern Partnership countries, and to offer a vision on the possible shift of focus in activities of the NGOs in the region, with account for the new reality.

This publication was prepared within a research project “The role of civil society of EaP countries in promoting climate goals in the context of the European Green Deal” under a KAS project “Building cooperation with civil society in the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia” with financial support by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation Office in Ukraine with funds from the federal budget of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Available in Ukrainian, English, and Russian languages.

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