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Greening the Eastern Partnership: regional dimension of the future perspectives. Discussion Paper. – Andriy Andrusevych, Nataliya Andrusevych, Zoriana Mishchuk. – 2021– 32 p.

This discussion paper aims to propose ways to green the Eastern Partnership (EaP) policy be- yond 2020, particularly its regional dimension. This document offers “a menu” for policy decisions to green the EaP and its regional dimension by recommending several green thematic priorities and EaP multilateral cooperation for- mats, as well as “ready to go” regional flagship initiatives. It is meant to contribute to the discussion about the post-2020 EaP future, particularly during the upcoming EaP summit in December 2021.

The publication was prepared with the support of the FES EU Office and the FES Regional Office «Dialogue Eastern Europe» and is available in Engish and Russian.



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