European ECO Forum SEA Excellence Centers: NGO Ecohome, Belarus

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One of the key activities within our project “Improving skills of NGO’s if EECCA-states to participate in procedures according to the UNECE SEA Protocol” was hands-on work on the SEA based on existing infrastructure plans/programmes and preparation of pilot (moot) SEA reports focusing on transport sector.

Organisations involved in this work were selected on the basis of expression of their interest and relevance of the proposed plan/programme for their work. The work was carried out by five organisations, namely: NGO “Ecohome” (Belarus), NGO “Scientific-intellectual club ”Dialogue of Generations” (RICDOG) (Georgia), NGO “Center ecology–legal initiative “Globus” (Kazakhstan), NGO “Youth Group for Environment Protection” (Tajikistan) and NGO “Black Sea Women’s Club” (Ukraine).

During this work they have gone through all phases necessary for the SEA and worked closely together with our project’s SEA expert as well as their own chosen expert team with variety of expertise. Apart from detailed learning by doing the SEA reports these organisations have prepared a short overview of challenges and lessons learned (published separately). They are now fully capable and knowledgeable to provide full support to other organisations who want/will be involved in future planning processes. So, they are now the SEA Excellence Centers.

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