What we do

Our Center implements its activities under the Strategic Plan for 2023-2026, which has two thematic goals.

Green post-war reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine

We advance green issues into the agenda and political discourse on reconstruction issues by participating in planning processes and analytically supporting the public discourse on reconstruction issues.

One of the tasks is the monitoring of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, which includes the analysis of the ecological consequences of the war and ways to overcome them, monitoring of social and political processes.

Supporting certain areas of post-war recovery of Ukraine, our special priorities are: green reconstruction and green transformation of cities, green jobs and the return of people, restoration of nature.

Ukraine’s accession to the EU: environment and climate change

We support the process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union on issues of environmental protection and climate change, including adaptation to the EU acquis, and monitor this process.

We also support public dialogue on environmental and climate issues of EU accession by advocating the importance and benefits of Ukraine’s accession to the EU, preparing comparative studies, ensuring transparency and participation in this process.

An important task is to support the negotiation process in the area of the environment and climate change, including monitoring the process of accession and implementation of the environmental and climate block, as well as formal and informal work with various stakeholders both in Ukraine and abroad.


Timely analytics for creating a new eco-centric model of state policy and society


Ukraine is a climate-neutral, environmentally safe country of environmentally-minded people


guiding us in our work


capacity to use our knowledge and skills in a team to achieve a result, while constantly developing and building them


we listen to different ideas and politely present ideas inside and outside the organization


ability to go beyond frames in work


endurance in beliefs and values


we are transparent, accountable and responsible in our work


we work with a sense of responsibility towards the country and our people

Our resources


Web-portal “Compass” is an online instrument to build capacity of stakeholders involved or interested in environmental and climate change dimension of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.
It is available in Ukrainain only.

Green Transformation

“Green Transformation of Ukraine” is an information resource offering the most recent developments and practical advice for using opportunities created by the European Green Deal. It is available in Ukrainian only.

Our team