Ukraine’s Membership of the European Union: Together We Are Better, Greener, More Resilient and Sustainable. Policy Brief

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This policy brief offers overview of the benefits the EU will gain from the Ukraine’s accession in the areas of environment, climate change, green transition, digitalization.

Both Ukraine and the EU citizens will benefit from Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The Ukraine’s membership will make the EU more secure, democratic and greener, while shared values lay a basis for building a common space.

Ukraine’s accession means enhancing EU’s capacity through getting access to resources or natural capital (lithium, hydrogen, biodiversity, forests, soil) or opening new markets (market for green goods and services, investments). It is also about strengthening human capacity (Euro optimism, shared values and visions, creating green jobs). Ukraine already shares many EU strategic goals in the area of climate change, sustainable transport, digitalization, and agriculture, as well as demonstrates achievements in certain areas.

The paper was developed with the support of the International Renaissance Foun- dation within the project “On the Way to EU Membership: Tasks in the Area of Envi- ronment Protection and Climate Change” implemented by the Resource and Anal- ysis Center “Society and Environment.”

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