Homeward: Express Mapping of the Needs and Expectations of Internally Displaced Persons in Lviv oblast

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Policy brief. – Andrusevych A., Andrusevych N., Kozak Z., Mishchuk Z.

This policy brief contains the results of a study of the needs and plans of internally displaced persons in Lviv oblast. The document presents a general description of the profile of IDPs in Lviv region; it describes the main needs of IDPs, in particular, the provision of housing, humanitarian and financial support, the satisfaction of special needs, professional life, business and social activity of IDPs, as well as planning for the future. It also presents the recommendations for target audiences.

This publication was produced with the support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the EU4USociety project. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation.

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