Post-war Green reconstruction of Ukraine: processes, stakeholders, public participation

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Policy paper.

January – February 2024.

This study of public access to decision-making related to the recovery of Ukraine in the context of environmental protection and climate change mitigation was conducted within the implementation of the project funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Kyiv office — Ukraine, in January–February 2024 by analyzing current processes around the planning of Ukraine’s future and ongoing reconstruction in order to determine (1) opportunities and barriers for environmental and climate civil society representatives to participate in these processes and influence decision-making to make reconstruction “greener”, and

(2) level of “greenness” of the reconstruction processes, namely how they take into account the need to protect environment and mitigate climate change during the recovery.

The information provided in this publication represents aggregated results of a policy paper and the authors’ interpretation, which does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Government of Germany.

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