Preliminary Environmental and Legal Analysis of the Breach of the Kakhovka Dam and Its Impacts

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Summary of analytical report.

The Kakhovka dam breach became one of the large-scale environmental disasters in Europe in the XXI century. It was the result of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. The consequences of this catastrophe will manifest for decades and still affect more than one generation of Ukrainian residents and the Azov-Black Sea region.

The analytical report contains a preliminary environmental and legal analysis of the breach of the Kakhovka dam and its impacts after the June 6, 2023 explosion. Based on the collected information, a study was conducted of the circumstances associated with the events of June 6, 2023, the environmental impacts of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, the international legal qualification of the actions of the parties to the armed conflict, possible individual criminal liability based on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Summary: Preliminary ecological and legal analysis of the breach of the Kakhovka dam and its impacts: analytical report/ Coalition “Ukraine. 5 AM”; NGO “Fund Support for Fundamental Research”; Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment”. – Kyiv, 2023. – XXX p. Research team: Andrusevych A., Korotkyi T., Marushevskyi G., Medvedieva M., Polovyi M., Tropin Z., Hendel N.

The full report is available in Ukrainian only.

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