Green jobs in Vinnytsia City Territorial Community

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Implementation of local development plans of Vinnytsia community, such as the city’s Green Deal, will inevitably rely on a skilled workforce. As a result, the local labor market will change.

In turn, the greening of the local labor market affects people, communities, and businesses. The green transition will create new (green) jobs, phasing out some old ones, and, most importantly, require new knowledge and skills from employees.

This study presents the results of:

• estimation of the current number of green jobs in the Vinnytsia city territorial community,

• a survey of municipal enterprises regarding the current state and prospects of their activities, as well as an assessment of the personnel and educational needs of enterprises and their prospects,

• analysis of education providers from the point of view of filling the demand for green professions.

The assessment of the number of green jobs was carried out using the authors’ methodology. The basis of the methodology is the O*NET database, adapted to professions classified according to the ILO standard by OECD experts. In turn, this methodology was adapted to the classification of professions in Ukraine. Estimations were made using data on all employed persons in Vinnytsia city territorial community.

This publication was prepared within a research project “Green Jobs in Vinnytsia. State of play and perspectives.” with financial support by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation Office in Ukraine with funds from the federal budget of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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